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Enterprise grade highly secure connectivity solutions. Future proof your business with our 24/7 managed and monitored Fibre and leased line services. Enjoy high speeds, total bandwidth control, enterprise class SLA and reliable up-times.

Business Broadband and FTTC

Alto Comms are perfectly positioned to provide your business with an unrivalled broadband package

Business broadband is your standard ADSL connection, and the starting point for many small businesses. A step up from your traditional home solution, business ADSL ensures that you are not paying too much for a bigger connection that you aren’t fully utilising.

Business FTTC is the next stepping stone, utilising both fibre and copper it gives your business greater bandwidth and reliability than traditional broadband. At a competitive price with a large geographic footprint, it is a must have for many businesses.

MPLS IPVPN Connectivity

As IT and Unified Communications experts, Alto Comms are perfectly positioned to provide your business with a solution which can support MPLS IPVPN Connectivity services. The right solution offers better performance, lower costs of ownership and a Quality of Service (QoS) platform for next generation over-the-top (OTT) services.

MPLS networks offer incredibly high-speeds and complete privacy and because MPLS doesn’t use the public internet, you will have complete control of your own traffic.

Alto Comms will work closely with you to design your network in the most efficient way, ensuring that you benefit from the highest possible upload and download speeds, enterprise level support and next generation features.

Fibre Leased Lines

Fibre leased lines deliver a high performance, reliable internet connection.  Using fibre-optic technology, fibre leased lines provide speeds of up to 20Gbps.

A dedicated, symmetric connection, a fibre leased line solution will equip your business with dedicated connectivity at superfast speeds.

Fibre leased lines are a wired connection, which makes them far faster and more consistent than broadband. Poor connection speeds can damage your business. By choosing a high-speed, reliable connection, you ensure that your business remains  effective.

Ethernet First Mile

Ethernet First Mile brings critical connectivity to small businesses. Providing symmetrical bandwidth of up to 20 Mbps with no contention, our Ethernet First Mile connectivity is reliable, consistent and does not slow down with increased usage.

Ethernet First Mile is resilient and covered by our industry-leading SLAs. This makes it perfectly suited to SMEs that require consistent access to business-critical applications.


Ethernet provides the highest levels of performance and security. If your business needs a high-speed, reliable, secure and symmetrical internet connection, Ethernet may be for you.

Our Ethernet solutions come with dedicated internet access, guaranteed speeds, first-class support and industry-leading SLAs.

Multi-Site Connectivity

When you choose Alto to optimise your Wide Area Network (WAN), you consolidate your network into a single enterprise infrastructure. This not only reduces network complexity and costs, it also makes it easy to monitor and control IT systems in various locations simultaneously.

Online reporting shows you what’s happening in your network at any time, so you can manage proactively.  Using QoS enables you to reassign priorities as required.  This means that you can increase response times and improve application performance.

For companies with more that one office and those that use demanding applications, an Alto Comms offers visibility and control, end-to-end service level guarantees, built-in flexibility and scalability.

Enterprise WiFi Systems

The most cost-effective unified system on the market, our WiFi solutions make it easy to manage multiple networks in geographically disperse locations, can support multiple secure networks on one system and offer simple, effective diagnostics and maintenance.

Our unified WiFi solutions will increase availability, reduce time and resources spent managing non-unified systems and give you access to industry-leading customer service and technical support.

Point to Point Circuit

When you choose Alto Comms for a point-to-point solution, you are able to connect multiple sites in a secure, effective fashion. With a private point-to-point circuit, you can be confident that your network will remain separate from the public internet and that your data will be completely secure.

By using a centralised Point-to-Point solution, you will be able to implement a single IT policy across different sites, safely store all your data centrally and ease your IT overheads.

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